Jewelry Box 10


About this Product

I hate traveling with jewelry. It always ends up in a tangled, jumbled mess and then I don't bother to even wear it! Here's a solution! These leatherette 4"x4"x2" boxes keep everything neat and organized, and better yet, untangled! It's hard to see in the pictures (black on black doesn't photograph well...) but there are 4 compartments, 6 slots for rings or stud earrings, and 3 tabs on the top for necklaces (along with a little pocket to keep them contained. Amazing gift, but be sure to get one for yourself as well!

Hubs and Me Crafting

Boise, ID

Meet the Maker

We are just two simple people who enjoy crafting. He dabbles with woodworking and she does lots of miscellaneous crafts.

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